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Dusty Hinz

Hometown: Richfield, MN

Currently live in Philadelphia, PA

Age: 24

In the spring of 2009 I graduated from Augsburg College in Minneapolis with a degree in Political Science and a Spanish minor. My senior thesis was a comparative analysis of the contemporary United States and fascism as it existed in Italy and Germany. I occasionally wrote for the school paper, the Echo. I studied abroad two times (Fall 2007 and Spring 2009) in Merida, Venezuela. In the summer of 2008 I started reporting on community happenings and protests for KFAI Radio in Minneapolis, which is a non-profit, community-based station. In the fall of 2010 I got back involved with KFAI, this time as a co-producer of Lydia Howell’s weekly show, Catalyst: Politics and Culture, which I did for a year. With five other great people I helped start an urban farm — The Concrete Beet Farmers — in Minneapolis, which supplied 17 CSA members during the 2011 growing season. In October of 2011 I moved to Philadelphia to live with my girlfriend who began grad school in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. I recently became a new rider for the Pedal Coop in Philly ( I am an active participant in and supporter of the Occupy Movement, and am involved with Occupy Vacant Lots in Philadelphia (look us up on Facebook). Among others, I have been influenced by the writing of Chris Hedges, Naomi Klein, Derrick Jensen, and Bill McKibben. I am overtly opposed to the dictates of globalized industrial corporate capitalism and the infinite economic growth model. I frequently think about how environmentally destructive and unsustainable our way of life is. This blog will consist of my videos, audio, and writings.

Feel free to friend me on Facebook at Dusty Hinz or follow me on Twitter @DustyHinz

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